An Annotated Syntax Reader: Lasting Insights and Questions.

Kayne, Richard S., Thomas Leu et Raffaella Zanuttini, dir. 2014. An Annotated Syntax Reader: Lasting Insights and Questions. Wiley-Blackwell. 608 pages.

An Annotated Syntax Reader brings together a collection of seminal articles published over the last forty years that demonstrate the empirical and theoretical foundations of current syntactic theory.

  • Includes introductions, annotations by the editors, and discussion questions to teach students how to critically read precedent-setting works
  • Features writings by authors including Noam Chomsky, Paul Postal, and Luigi Rizzi
  • Focuses on significant ideas, core passages of articles, and resulting applications that have shaped the field of syntax
  • Encourages an active, participatory reading of the texts; one which motivates readers to read creatively and come up with their own novel observations

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